What is the Flatstick Academy?

Putting Schools

Putting Schools

Visit 'The Creek' or as a member of Golf and Body NYC to work with PGA Tour Putting Coach David Orr.
Call 919-740-9616 for availability and pricing!

The Putting Template

The Putting Template

The Putting Template Icons consist of the 7 Principles that impact Putting Performance. Which areas of YOUR PUTTING need the most work?

Flatstick TV

Flatstick TV

``Flatstick TV`` are playlists, where you, the MEMBER can listen and watch David Orr as he shares information and insight in all 7 areas of putting.


Future of Putting Improvement

“Internet Instruction” is today’s trend for a lot of us, looking for the best method, latest system, or even just a quick tip. As a result, there is a TON of information available at the tip of our fingers. As a matter of fact, there is so much conflicting information it can get quite confusing for many of us.

Due to availability, finances, and travel, often times it can be quite difficult to get together for that intimate one on one session that most of us desire. For that reason alone, Flatstick TV was created as a channel for me to share information and insight with the world. 

Flatstick Academy is YOUR “On-Iine” Putting Academy that will provide you with “world-class” information,  at an affordable price. while sitting in the comforts of your own home. Sit back, and tune in, to Flatstick TV and browse the channels that APPLY TO YOUR PUTTING IMPROVEMENT!

David Orr, PGA
Flatstick Academy Founder
Tour Players Coached (Worldwide)

David has worked with...

  • Justin Rose – PGA Tour
  • Hunter Mahan – PGA Tour
  • Cameron Percy – PGA Tour
  • DA Points – PGA Tour
  • Daniel Berger – PGA Tour
  • Trevor Immelman – PGA Tour
  • Richard Sterne – PGA Tour
  • Edoardo Molinari – PGA Tour/European Tour
  • Steve Lebrun – PGA Tour
  • Jason Gore – PGA Tour
  • Roberto Castro – PGA Tour
  • Charlie Wi – PGA Tour
  • Will Claxton – PGA Tour
  • Troy Matteson – PGA Tour
  • Garrett Willis- PGA Tour
  • Neal Lancaster- PGA Tour
  • David Branshaw – PGA/ Tour
  • Matt Davidson – PGA/ Tour
  • John Reigger – PGA/ Tour
  • Tom Scherrer – PGA/ Tour
  • Chris Baker – TourTour
  • Elliot Gealy – Tour
  • Chris Kamin – Tour
  • Steve Holmes – Tour
  • Brian Smock – Tour

  • Bobbie MacWhinnie- Tour/eGolf Tour
  • Seamus Power – Tour
  • David Ogrin – PGA/Champions Tour
  • Keith Clearwater – PGA/Champions Tour
  • Pat McGowan – PGA/Champions Tour
  • Alfredo Garcia- Heredia – European Tour
  • Cheyenne Woods – LPGA Tour
  • Julieta Granada – LPGA Tour
  • Lorie Kane – LPGA Tour
  • Anna Rawson – LPGA Tour
  • Leah Wigger- LPGA Tour
  • Nancy Taylor Capps – LPGA Tour
  • Danah Ford Bordner – LPGA/Futures Tour
  • Whitney Wade – LPGA/Futures Tour
  • Camila Mori –  LPGA Futures Tour/ Big Break
  • Kim Lewellen – LPGA Futures Tour/ Big Break
  • Jesse Vincent  – LPGA Futures Tour
  • Nanette Hill – LPGA Futures Tour
  • Natalie Sheary – LPGA Futures Tour
  • Ryan Thornberry – Canadian Tour/eGolf Tour
  • Hugo Leon – Canadian Tour/Big Break
  • Fernando Figueroa – South American Tour/eGolf Tour
  • Jeff Street – Tour
  • Martin Ureta – Tour

  • Reed Darsie – eGolf Tour
  • Chris Gallagher – eGolf Tour
  • Vaita Guillaume – eGolf Tour
  • Justin Phillips – eGolf Tour
  • Jerry Richardson Jr. – eGolf Tour
  • Cameron Yancey – eGolf Tour
  • Ryan Tyndall – eGolf Tour
  • Patrick Wilks-Crere – NGA Hooters Tour
  • Erik Barnes – NGA  Hooters Tour
  • Tyler Dice – NGA Hooters Tour
  • George Carroll – NGA Hooters Tour
  • Federico Celano – NGA Hooters Tour
  • Paul Cormack – NGA Hooters Tour
  • Marion Danzler – NGA Hooters Tour
  • Iain Small – NGA Hooters Tour
  • Charles Hong – Korean Tour
  • Jin Jae Byun – Korean Tour
  • Jason Moon – Austral-Asian Tour
  • Justin Kim – Japanese Tour
  • Bo Mee Lee – Japanese LPGA Tour

Who is Flatstick Academy designed for?

I want...

Junior Golfers

Juniors looking for a solid start…learning putting skills and stroke fundamentals from the “Inside-Out!”

Amateur Golfers

Amateurs who are looking for a practice plan during the week…so they can enjoy playing on the weekend!

Tour Professionals

Changing your putter and/or your technique is not what got you there! It was your talent and your hard work. Stop Searching…Stop Tinkering!

Golf Coaches

Coaches that love the latest and greatest…”insider information” …Well now you can have access to information and insight found nowhere else!

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